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Golden Globes Fashion Fever

Hello lovely people, today is the start of a great new week! They say expressing gratitude first thing in the morning starts your day off in a positive way and can carry through the week. Try it!

Last night I got to watch the Golden Globes red carpet on E! There were so many looks that I loved, it was so hard to pick my favorites.

I love award season, trends are started, but of course, style is forever. I got so much inspiration from these lovely outfits, from jewelry to shoes to make up! Imagine, making one of these ball gowns in Ankara fabric! My people love color so they know what I am talking about! I will definitely try one soon. Stay tunes.


Ladies in white!


So elegant and tasteful.


Who says being older has to be boring! Loving Jane Fonda in that white number.


JLo always serving fierce! These are nice and flowy and I can totally see them in a nice print.


Now THIS is what I live for, a dress with pockets. Notice how they all are dark haired ladies in rich dark toned dresses? Very minimal make up completes these looks perfectly.

Pushing the envelope

These are what I call my wildcard looks. Different from the norm but nice and elegant and pulled off with grace. Loving it.

Men Solo

Wont forget the men in this round, these are my favorites. Loving David Oyelowo in that patterned number. It is different, but just in the right way.


The guys are only making the ladies look better. Dwayne Johnson with that 50 million dollar smile. ๐Ÿ˜€


THIS is my favorite look of the night. These pictures do no justice to this Calvin Klein dress on Brie Larson. Seeing on TV last and the way it flowed was just wow. I love the way she described it, it feels like the dress is giving her a hug! Anyone who knows me knows I love bling and this took my breath away!

Hope you enjoyed them as much I putting them together.

Peace love and kisses ๐Ÿ™‚






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