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How It All Began

Hi lovely people,

I am sending loads of positive thoughts your way. It is said that what you put out into the universe, you get right back so here’s to more positive coming back to me :).

My mom is the reason why I love creating. I remember when she would gather me and my cousins and teach us all how to crochet. I saw her create so many beautiful things. Then there was the sewing machine she had (I wander where it is now), a lovely old thing on which she made many items for me and my siblings.

Fast forward a lot of years and I am in Minnesota.ย I tried my hand at some decorating, I still crochet a lot (it calms me) and I live for the craft stores. I just just love to make beautiful things and make things look beautiful. Inspired by posts on Facebook, memories from home, YouTube videos and other great bloggers, I got myself a sewing machine and some fabric. I was so scared to start, cutting into that fabric was such a big commitment. Then I did it!!! It was not so bad, and it has been nirvana ever since. Some projects come out better than others, some days are quicker but it is all getting better and I am learning a lot. This blog will help me keep track of my creations as well as share with the world my point of view on a wide range of things.

I would love to share a few things I have made so far. My ultimate goal is to create fully functional outfits with Ankara fabric, learn as many techniques as possible and always have a good time doing it.


First thing I made with Ankara fabric and first time I put a zipper on a skirt. It took a couple of weeks but I did it.


I love knit fabric, sewing with it makes life so much easier and it comes in all kinds of colors and textures. I made both outfits above with commercial patterns and modified them a bit, with YouTube videos of course.2.82.6

Dresses are so easy to make. The first two pictures show a dress I made by modifying a commercial pattern and the second is a simple self drafted dress. I love both and cannot wait to make more like them. I find 60% of the beauty of anything I make comes from the choice of fabric. I love colorful and rich fabrics of course, but can also appreciate the simplicity and elegance in muted and toned down looks.


Although I didn’t make either piece above, I just love the styling of this outfit. The high low is a favorite of mine and you might be seeing a lot of this to come. The top is a JLo design from Kohl’s. I will be calling this the Styled outfit of the day (#SOOTD ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

I hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned;

Peace, love and kisses โ™ฅ





9 thoughts on “How It All Began

  1. I remember the novels you were trying to write when we were growing up. All the Mills and Boons you used to curl up under the blanket and read for hours during the long holidays in Mile 3, Bamenda. The secret diaries you tried to keep. I always knew that this part of you did not die, but was laying somewhere deep waiting for the right time to blossom. This blogging thing does not only show your Love and passion for Fashion, but also expresses the deeprooted incredible desire to silently show the world your great writing Potential in you, Karen.
    Keep it up! I’m praying for you.

    Watch out, World!!!


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