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Hello everybody! I hope today is another great one for you :)! Love hard and see it come right back to you.

I am sharing a pseudo “first thing I made” post today. The first thing I made from start to finish after I got my sewing machine, some fabric and a pair of scissors was an APRON! Lol. This is funny because I thought that would be easy to make, then I tried to put in a pocket and do some gathering maneuvers. It did not go so well, but I stayed the course and finished it, flaws and all. I loved that apron so much. I happily used it for a couple of months, popped it in the washer and ruined it 😦 , I was still learning how to finish cotton fabric. I learned a lot from that experience and kept going. For the last couple of days I blew through making two…wait for it…APRONS! It was way easier this time and I love the final products. I used two sewing patterns, first is a Butterick 5474 view A and the second is a McCalls 6978 view A. I think they came out pretty good :).

I would also love to share one outfit I made with the most fun fabric I found online. It was a simple dress pattern so I put my own twist on it. I hope you like it. It is a Butterick 5456 which I fell in love with as soon as I saw and so I made view B.


This is the pic of the view I made from the pattern Butterick 54745.JPG



Sorry about the blurry second pic, it is the best one I got which actually shows the apron full on. My sewing skills are getting better, I promise my photography skills will improve as well lol.


This is the McCalls 6978 pattern view I made and this were my results.



For both aprons I made sure the edges were well finished. You can finish with a Serger if you have one, use a zigzag edge stitch or pinking shears (for my newbies just google those words). What I did was a double folded narrow hem on all edges for both. The fabric used is also important. Depending on how sturdy you want the apron to be, you can use any cotton fabric and they come in multiple weights, the heavier it is, the longer it will last.


Last is this dress I made a while ago from Butterick 5456 . I loved that red and black fabric on sight and guess what…I found it online! So I made a modified version of the long dress.






I did a sheer sequin overlay of the bodice part of the front. I styled it in these pics with some old shoes and a white belt. I still have some of this fabric and will probably make a shirt with it…I am still learning about all the different kinds of fabric and will post more info about it as I learn.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Like, share, comments all appreciated.

Peace, Love and Kisses.




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