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Friday Vibes

Treat yourself nice. If you don’t take care of you, no one else will know how to 😉 .

It is another cold day in MN, brrrr. I should be used to it by now but I know people born here who are not. But as they say, home is where the heart is. Lovely day for a fiery dress. I made this from  Simplicity 8013 . It is a revived vintage pattern which I loved as soon as I saw it. I would say this is an experienced beginner pattern. It is not complicated to make but the amount of fabric you would have to work with would probably be overwhelming. I used about 8 yards of 58 inch long fabric for this dress. Got the fabric at a fabulous clearance price of course!

I am looking forward to a long weekend of much sewing. I had a couple of things on my cutting table yesterday and will definitely share when I am done making them. In the mean time I leave you with this…2


I made view C without the cuffs! Maybe next time I will do view D in a plain color. Just gotta find some more value fabric because this dress does take a lot!





I love the shoes! Something different. Fun and playful. I think this dress works well with the bold jewelry too as it is such a statement.


I got these blocks from Joann fabrics and I love them, they sit right above my sewing machine and every time I look at them I smile. I try to find things like these to put in areas where I spend a lot of time, like my desk at work and my sewing room.

SOOTD: Just something I threw on for work this week. I love the sneakers, they are old but whoever thought of these comfy wedge sneakers needs a hug and a kiss so I am sending one out!


Bowing out for the week. I hope you all have a lovely and productive weekend!

Peace Love ♥ and Kisses.


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