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DIY Cape and SOOTD

Hello Friends! My morning dose of motivation to you is to live the best version of your life. Only you can make that happen and when you believe and receive this, you will see change in big and beautiful ways.

Today I am sharing another self drafted pattern, though I got a lot of help this time. I have started on a few spring items and decided to make this cute cape. It is a DIY tutorial from Mimi G HERE but decided to fully line it with this awesome fabric I found. I intend to rock it in the spring. I will definitely do it longer the next time, YES I will make it again maybe for fall in fall colors and with heavier fabrics.

I have included a few “progress” photos from when I was cutting out the pattern and laying the lining together. It  took me a minute to get it right but that is why I am learning, next time will be a breeze.

Pinned and ready to sew on lining.
Before and after sewing lining.
Pressed and ready to rock!
Rocking it

Have I mentioned yet how much i love these shoes. They are not only stylish they are also very comfy and dress up an outfit beautifully.




This purse was calling my name, I tell you! A head turner for sure. Will turn anyone into a Rockstar. I certainly felt that way in it.


I cannot, just cannot wait to wear this out. It is still cold here so I am stashing this for late spring or early summer on the cool days. The best part about the cape’s lining is the fabric is a faux suede which is very very soft to the touch. I always appreciate feedback so go ahead and leave comments, like and share.

Until next time, Peace Love ♥ and Kisses.


16 thoughts on “DIY Cape and SOOTD

  1. You’ve got a great skill and a keen eye. A wonderful sense of style too. You’re attention to detail and finishing is impressive.
    Models or no models I think you showcase your designs well. Great Job Karen!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve got taste and keen eye for details. Great Style too. Models or no models, I think you showcase the finished pieces pretty well. Simply Am-zing!


  3. Good job…but I think you should try and get models instead of doing the showcasing yourself…That way, it won’t be like it’s a closed something…My oppinion thu…💚💛💜


    1. Thanks for your feedback my dear. It definitely is not a closed blog and I am slowly but surely going to bring in additional elements and other people in as well. For now, it is cold outside and no one wants to go outside, including me so you will get to see only me for a while, hope you dont mind lol.


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