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Mini Dress – In The Sun

Hello Friends! Happy women’s day to all the lovely lady readers and supporters. You all ROCK! I am working on getting some fabric from Cameroon for this year’s celebration and make me a ‘kaba”! Watch out for that.

Sunday was a very lovely day and we even got to fire up the grill! So, I thought, perfect day to take pics for the blog. I made this tunic/mini dress a couple of weeks ago from Butterick 5815. I got so many compliments at church so I decided to share it on the blog today. I found this fabulous fabric and immediately thought of this pattern which I had in my stash 🙂 . There was enough left over to finish and make a large scarf which I used as a head wrap.



Lord was it a windy day. I just love that the breeze was a lovely cool one and just enjoyed the feel of it on my skin along with the warmth of the sun.


I love the unique sleeves on this dress.


I love my new booties! I got them from DSW on clearance and will be wearing these babies till they drop! Leggings are a DIY pair I had made and worked great with the blue in the fabric of the tunic dress.


I hope you are enjoying your week and making beautiful things and creating memorable and lovely moments.

Styling Tip: Dress up this mini dress by skipping the leggings and head wrap, with some tights and a pair of strappy scandals and voila, you are ready to party!

Peace Love ♥ and Kisses.


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