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Hey lovely friends! This week I am doing something a bit different. Not a lot of sewing has happened in the last couple of weeks, but a lot of outfit bathroom photos have!

I have recently changed jobs and moved floors. When I walked into the bathroom on my new floor and saw this well lit, full length mirror…the rest is blog history hahaha.My day job is pretty tame and no one is required to wear any fashionably avant-guarde outfits, so I try to keep it professional and cute with a dash of “Karen”.

I love this saying “Dress for the job you want, and not the job you have”. It is subjective but i think it will apply in a lot of cases, so dress like a boss and you will become a boss. Enjoy the roundup!


Same jacket two similar looks. I love my skinny jeans!


THIS is how I wear the stuff I made in real life. I have not blogged about these because I made then long ago but I love my chunky cardi and my two step blue peplum tunic/dress and I wear them all the time.


I call these sloppy tech day looks lol. The right look is my today look, I needed to grab something quick so black on black with a little dash of color worked.


I got some brown vibe going, and yes, it is still cold here though I take off the jacket while at my desk.


Two more looks I actually made and actually do wear to work. Love them. Remember the blue dress from THIS POST


Forgive my bare feet, two styles, same jacket. I love it so much I have it in orange and grey. Target clearance find, love Target! And yes, that skirt pleated leather.


Grey sweater dress is the warmest and those grey slacks/pants/softest-thing-ever-made.


Sometimes, I wear floral leggings, and some days I wear a shirt dress too. The floral leggings are for the weekends though, I cant help picturing my colleagues’ faces if I show up to work wearing that…

So, that’s it! I sure do go through a lot of clothing, but I love it too. I will one day have whole weeks’ clothing planed out ahead of time, when I have an assistant, a stylist and a personal accountant. For now, I just throw stuff on and if I like it, i take a snap.

Thanks for reading and see you soon with some more DIY and fashion.

Peace, Love ♥ and Kisses.


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