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Pink DIY Flutter Dress

Good Morning Friends! It is the middle of the week and the weekend if coming quick. Hope everyone has something planned to enjoy this beautiful weather. Two days ago it was the official first day of summer and good weather will last as long as you have something good to do.

Today on the blog is pink day, YAY! I love when I find a quick and easy style which gives a big bang and takes very little time to construct. The fabulous Mimi G released a new video tutorial for self drafted flutter top you can find HERE . It is a lovely idea, but I took it a couple of steps further. I made a flutter dress with a couple of accidental additional details lol. First listen when she mentions in the video to use a top which is loose, I did not, stretchy fabrics are not all equal. I used a ribbed knit top and that was way too loose as the fabric I used to make the dress was a ponte knit which does not have as much stretch ad a ribbed knit. So, I found myself with some extra fabric from cutting the flutter part of the dress and so I used it to add some panels to the sides and the bottom of the dress. This is a lovely mistake I think, let me know what you think. The “cold shoulder” look is also very trendy now, so I jumped on the bandwagon.


Styling was just adding a pair of scandals (yay for summer) and my black fringe earnings, all I need is my wallet and I am out!


I leave you today with a smile on my face. I feel like I have really come far, in sewing and in life but I strive to learn more and appreciate more every day. Peace Love ♥ and Kisses!