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Land of The Free (M7162 & V9056 )

Hello lovely friends, long time no see. I have to say i did not anticipate blogging to be so time consuming. I had promised myself to do this solely for the enjoyment of it and if it should take away from my comfort or happiness, I would have to stop. Well that almost happened this month. Summer is the perfect time for pictures and also very very busy for me. But, I still love blogging so here i am!

Over the 4th of July and since, I have been bitten by the patriotism bug. I skipped over my fabric stash and went looking for Red White and Blue themed fabrics. First was the 4th of July and second was for my Naturalization ceremony. YES, I am now one of the dreamers who has voting rights in this country. Let’s just say I am very very very excited to vote this November, I think my vote will count like no other in the civilized world 🙂 !

So I made two tops and I love them both. One maybe a bit more than the other.

First up is the Vogue 9056 top. Very simple to make and completely inappropriate for the fabric I used. This top is specifically designed for stretch fabric as there is no zipper involved. Well, I made it out of a cotton fabric anyway with zero stretch. It is a bit of a feat to put on but sits comfortably on my body. I will definitely make another one with the recommended fabric some other time. For now here we go…


Notice the little hearts on the fabric LOVE!


Second is the lovely McCalls 7162 peplum top. I had to adjust the pattern to fit a bit better but love how it came out. I also really love my fabric design. Red White and Blue on butterflies. I got lots of compliments on it during the naturalization ceremony. It was a hit! Maybe this is why I am a little biased.


SOOTD: I styled this look with some lovely pink beads i got recently from Nigeria, a pair of black pumps an my kitty shades. Whew it was a hot and sunny day.


GOD Bless America!!!!