The Sequin Bomber!!! * Simplicity 8222

Hello friends! I hope your day started better than mine did. I try to keep the negativity out of my blog posts. I will use this opportunity as a spring board to bring my zen and my happy positive self back. Sharing what I do is my therapy in times like these so here goes!

Today I am sharing this look which has been a trend this fall. The Bomber Jacket. I have seen many different iterations of this design and decided to tackle it a bit differently. I used a sequin knit fabric I found at Joann’s. I loved it right away because the sequins have an animal print pattern and make it look very interesting. I have only made one garment with sequin fabric since I started sewing and it was only a tiny bit of sequin in the lace overlay of This DressI was a bit anxious about it but it was really like sewing with anything else only with more care. The sequins on this fabric were also a bit smaller so that helped. The jacket is fully lined with a heavy soft bamboo knit fabric which I love! Check it out and please leave comments on what you think! Again here, I used a Mimi G pattern Simplicity 8222 which has a video tutorial!

Enter a caption


Fall so far has been really beautiful and I hope winter takes some notes :)!

Until next time, Peace Love ♥ and kisses.


10 thoughts on “The Sequin Bomber!!! * Simplicity 8222

  1. I love your bomber jacket. Sequins can be challenging but you seemed to have mastered how to work with this type of fabric. It is awesome and you look great.


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