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January Roundup – 2017 Is HERE!!!

***Happy New Year!!!***

Hello my friends, great new things are happening a little at a time over here on the blog, They are all so very exciting for me and I hope for all my lovely friends who check it out often. First I decided to make finding the blog a lot easier by customizing the domain name! Yay for FABRICSOFCOLOR.COM. 

My review today is of my special New Year’s Eve dress. I had been eyeing McCall’s 7047 . This pattern is perfect for making something customized. It comes with different parts and putting it together is completely up to you. It is like working with a fun puzzle.I can’t recall where I bought this fabric but it was in my stash and worked perfect for the dress. 



There is more to come really soon, Stay tuned. All my love ♥♥♥



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