Surprise, It’s A Shirt! **MimiG Style Pattern 1001**

Hello friends! It’s another new month and another new DIY from your’s truly. This one was a great adventure! The pattern I used, MimiG Style Pattern 1001 is a jumpsuit, but I ended up with a shirt. It is a really funny story and proof that I am learning and still have a lot to learn. Two things completely threw me off, first this is the first apparel PDF pattern that I ever used, so I had to tape it together and that was tedious! Then I completely over-estimated my size for this pattern. I think i prefer joining jumpsuits at the waist. This one is one long piece from top to bottom and I found it hard to adjust the crotch and hips. So after fiddling with both areas for about an hour, I got tired and just chopped off the bottom of the jumpsuit and VIOLA we have a shirt.

Either way, I am completely in love with the new look. This was also my first try and using denim fabric for anything and it was great. None of the issues with sewing this up came from the fabric so I will definitely be working with more denim in the near future.




Top-stitching game is on point!!!



BeFunky Collage1.jpg

Always shoe heaven when I can find a pair of comfortable boots in unique colors!



4 thoughts on “Surprise, It’s A Shirt! **MimiG Style Pattern 1001**

  1. Love the fabric mix and topstitching is on pro. Maybe use a regular pants pattern to check sizing. I don’t wear jumpsuits but I know the crotch is usually lower and a couple of inches are added for sitting ease.


  2. How fun with a interesting back story. Jump suits are not for me, either. Love the white boots. My old feet won’t stand wearing the heels.
    Enjoy while you are young. Keep sewing.


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