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Easter Dress in Spring Colors *Vogue 9238*

Hello friends. It has been forever and a half since I posted! I have awesome news, I got myself a LOGO wooohooo!!! Whoa, I am sorta legit. Slowing growing momentum to bigger and better things. I am also experimenting with new blog layouts and views so please tell me what you think of the current look. My goal is to have a simple enough layout that is easy to navigate but also has a pop of my personality. 

Now for my Easter recap. It was a great day with nice sunny weather and spring in the air. I had bought this Vogue pattern V9238 thinking I would make something similar to what was on the pattern envelope with a striped fabric, that is a big trend. Then I saw this fabulous scuba knit in the spring fabric collection at Joann’s and all my trend based ideas went straight out the window ha! The off shoulder look is also a big trend now so I did not completely veer off. I love how this came out and it got a lot of love from my fabulous church family. This is a very easy to make and comfortable to wear dress. 



Spot the dress on Easter Sunday including name tag lol.



Although I love to make my clothes, I still appreciate the beauty in ready-to- wear. Spot my work outfit here. Loved the purple hair, that was a surprise hit at work.



Jewelry game on point.

Hop you enjoyed this one and please don’t forget to drop a comment letting me know what you think of the new logo and blog design. Have a lovely time and until we meet again, Peace Love ♥ and Kisses!


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