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Floral Jumpsuit With Bell Sleeves *Vogue 9075*

Hi my lovely friends. It is another beautiful day and as always I am thankful for you all. I have a lot going on and am looking forward to the next few weeks. Check me out on Instagram to catch up on my smaller projects and just random stuff I post.

My new make if the pattern Vogue 9075  This one is a wearable muslin. I love this style and was not too sure how it would look on me so i gave it a test run. I think it came out great and looks decent on me. I will have to make a few adjustments if I eventually make it again but for now i am loving it. The fabric I used is so appropriate for the season. Let me know what you think.



It is, after all, the year f the sleeve. I could not resist spicing up the sleeves! It was a very simple add too, I just cut a rectangle, gathered, added to the sleeve and hemmed, VOILA!



I love me some bold accessories.


It was another windy day, so I embraced the wind.



I finish up today’s post with another every day look. I did not make any of it but love it all. Those pants pop and I feel fun wearing them at work. I always layer my work outfits with something warm. My building is full of computers and the building temperatures are more suited to them than to me. Who says the machines are not taking over yet…

Have a blessed day everyone and until next time, Peace Love ♥ and Kisses.

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