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Sewing For Others

Hello friends. I hope today is a good one for you despite all the negative rhetoric that is prevalent these days. Just adjust your crown and smile.

Today I wanted to talk a bit about sewing for anyone beside myself. I started this sewing journey in August of 2014. Got my very first machine and sewed my very first stitch. I have gathered a lot of knowledge and a bit of experience since then. I can confidently take myself out of the “Beginner” category and place myself in “Intermediate” one woohoo! That feels awesome and scary in a good way. I have been a bit adamant about NOT making clothes for others as I felt my skills were still too raw and my confidence was not where I needed it to be. Another reason that prospect was not very attractive is sewing for others comes with lots of pressures, like timelines, which I will completely be honest and say I am very bad at.

That said, with a ton of disclaimers and a lot of self doubt and anxiety I have managed to make a few things for friends and a couple of clients who agreed that I share on my blog. I am happy to say everyone has loved what I made so far and that is what it is all about in the end. I must say my favorite customers are the lil kiddos who do not care and just rock the outfits 🙂 with the biggest smiles :).

Aug4 Collage


This little lady came visiting and I had the chance to whip up a few things for her. Sharing this little cape and jumpsuit I made for her. Very easy sews and because she is a little girl who loves the happy colors I went all out. I call her my little Barbie :).

Aug3 Collage

This vest/waistcoat makes me break into a huge smile. I did not think I could do this, I learned a lot along the way and I am very grateful Chris let me create this for him. He designed my blog logo and this doing this for him was a huge pleasure. I am so pumped he is in love with it as much as I am.

Aug6 Collage

Aug7 Collage

Aug8 Collage

See this little lady, she has a lot more coming from auntie in her future. A couple of outfits I made for her when I traveled back to Cameroon to visit last May. She is such a cutie, a fabulous fashionista and her big brother approves of auntie’s work lol. I even made a matching top for myself lol.

Aug9 Collage

This is a good example of learning as you go. I made this dress for little Khloe 3 years ago when she was one year old, using a pattern sized for a 4 year old. I was under the assumption that kid pattern sizing is similar to adult pattern sizing. SO WRONG. Her mom, bless her heart, held on to the dress and she was able to wear it a couple of months ago and sent me these pics. She looks happy in it, and that is all that counts.


My first ever paid job! My first ever Ankara Maxi skirt! Many firsts on this one and she loved her skirt. Added in a matching clutch as she is my bestie and I appreciate that she let me do this for her. Now on to the other projects I still owe her lol.



Made these two dresses for my lovely little nieces a while back. They have enjoyed them this summer and are asking auntie for more. That means I did it right yay!

These are just some things I have made for others and I enjoyed doing all of them. I now know it is rewarding to make beautiful things and get gratification when they are appreciated. I am slowly getting into creating for others and generating a client list. For now, I am being very picky and will keep learning with every new outfit I create. I love this hobby and love blogging about it. I need to find the perfect balance. Thank you for reading, let me know your opinions in the comments. Until next time, Peace Love ♥ and Kisses.

16 thoughts on “Sewing For Others

  1. I have only met you a couple of times and don’t know how I came across this blog . But I will like to be one of clients. I am very patient and delays won’t be a Good luck as you exploit your skills.


  2. I was happy to be part of your well set up sewing atelier. You have a great handiwork to show for. I wish we could share this joy of sewing together again. We thank God for His mercies which are new every morning. I am proud of you and your sewing accomplishments. Keep it up and beyond the sky is not your limit.


    1. Thank you big sister!!! It was my great pleasure to have you over and I learned a lot from you in such a short time. I cannot imagine how much I can learn if we spent more time together.


  3. Karen, you’ve done such a lovely job! It’s fun to see all the creative pieces you’ve completed. And thanks for working with me on the vest to selects the fabrics and style. I’m so pleased with the results!


  4. Karen can’t even express how proud i am of your work and how far you’ve gone in such a short period of time.
    I am your # 1 fan and you know it.
    Keep doing the things you love to do… in my opinion, that is what makes life sooo beautiful.
    Now get to work and put together my next piece.


  5. I loved all of your projects, especially seeing the beautiful kids looking so happy in their new clothes. You have made some beautiful clothing for others, keep going! And please post pictures as you go along as I really enjoy seeing what you have made. You are such an inspiration.


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