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My #PRSewingBee Challenge Part 1: Simplicity 8175

Hello fabulous friends, it has been a hectic month of sewing and planning for me. I have discovered so many new and exciting blogs, vlogs and talented sewists. I got so distracted, I completely neglected my poor little blog, but I am back 😀 .

I was so engaged last month by the Sewing Bee challenge run on the fabulous Sewing.Patternreview.Com website. This site is one of the first ones with a big sewing community I joined and it is still my favorite. I always go back to it before I make a new pattern for the great reviews. It hosts a challenge once or twice a month with great prizes. This Sewing Bee Challenge feels like a mini Project Runway/ Great British Sewing Bee for the year. Last year I was too intimidated to enter, I had only been sewing for a short time and I did not consider myself a very creative thinker under pressure. Well, I took the plunge this year and surprised myself beyond belief.  I would have been completely happy if I had only submitted my first project on time for judging. I managed to speed sew my way to round three!!! Whoop. So this blog series will show you all my makes for this challenge and conclude with what I learned about my sewing habits.

The first challenge was to make a pencil skirt inspired by your favorite musician/music. Sounds simple enough and not too restrictive. I immediately thought of my girl crush from forever, JLo. Seeing all her sexy and elaborate outfits got me thinking about her song “I’m Real” which I love. My take on the challenge was then to make a pencil skirt which was sexy but real enough for everyday life.

I picked Simplicity 8175 a pencil skirt with a front slit. I drew inspiration from a few grommet/eyelet dresses I had seen JLo in and my denim skirt was born. I had many firsts on this project but the most exciting one wad finishing my seams with bias tape. Very tom consuming but satisfying beyond belief. The insides of the skirt look like I got this from a shop which makes me super happy.


A little decorative embroidery stitch on the pockets to make them pop.


Inside finishes for the win. Yay!


Check out my full review on Pattern Review site HERE.


This was a great challenge. Many sewists produced great skirts, so imagine my excitement when they announced the next round and I had qualified! Whoop whoop. Wanna know what I made for that on, come check out the next post in this series.

From your loving learning neighborhood seamstress, Peace, Love ♥ and Kisses!

15 thoughts on “My #PRSewingBee Challenge Part 1: Simplicity 8175

  1. I have to respond here as well (already did it on facebook), because the work on the seams is really beautiful. I always struggle with finishing seams, want to have the work done and wear my garment, but this is really worth it. Wow.


  2. Your finishing details were excellent, Karen – I can see why you advanced in the challenge. And congratulations on entering the challenge!


  3. Your skirt is absolutely Gorgeous. seeing this piece in the store I would definitely grab it. Keep up the good job and most of all your confidence to take on challenges.


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