My #PRSewingBee Challenge Part 2: Vogue 9239

Hey fabulous friends, hope today is filled with all good things for you. I try hard every day to keep up my positive attitude towards everything around me, even when it seems impossible and that has never failed me. Try it and see what it does for you.

Today I am sharing the second and I think most fun part of the PR Sewing Bee challenge I participated in. The theme for this one was “SLEEVES”. When I saw this i thought, YASSS!! and OH NO. This year has been, without doubt, the year of the sleeve. There have been so many great patterns and ready to wear variations on some great sleeves. This much information and inspiration can be a great resource or your worst enemy. I had to unplug from all the visual overload in order to think up something unique enough to stand out.

I knew I wanted to make something in wax print fabric for this challenge, because this is primarily why I sew. Wax print really does not come in ready to wear garments. I started with the Vogue 9239 pattern which has several sleeve options, some better than others. I decided to take it in a whole other direction and draft a lower sleeve which I had never done before. My three layered tulip sleeve made out of organza and bound with self made bias tape was born. How I enjoyed this process. I liked having a deadline which pushed me to think creatively and give myself enough time to execute my idea. Check it out!

Now all I need it a skirt to go with it and life is good. The good thing is I have more of this fabric coming and will be sharing a skirt with pictures of a full outfit when I get to make it! Can’t wait.


So happy with my inside finishes. Fully lined and bias bound everything!


As much as I enjoyed wearing them with some every day pants, I will be over the moon when I actually have something to pair then with in the same fabric. This fabric is very special and I look forward to working with out some more soon.

Tune in next week for another look I made for this challenge. I am enjoying sharing these and I hope you too are enjoying them! Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Blessing from me to you. Peace Love ♥ and Kisses!

7 thoughts on “My #PRSewingBee Challenge Part 2: Vogue 9239

  1. wow … what a creative mind you have. That top looks great on you , your sewing skills are amazing! I bought this pattern last week and am amazed at what you have done with it , I imagine mine won’t be anywhere near as exciting LOL


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