Birthday Outfit *Vogue 9228 and True Bias Ogden Cami*

Hello my lovely friends, happy new month! The dreaded January is finally over and the year will be over in another couple of eye blinks. I do not mind, I am ready to stop wearing all these layers in the cold and driving white knuckled in the slippery snow.

Enough about Minnesota weather, I got to rock the outfit I am sharing today on my very special 35th birthday in Fabulous Las Vegas. I landed a great ticket for the Circe Du Soleil ‘O’ show in the Bellagio and I am still a bit high on the fumes of that show and the whole Vegas experience. This was my first trip out there and I loved every minute of it.

I got the fabric from this outfit from Joann Fabrics and I believe they still have loads of it in the silky print section. It is medium weight crepe fabric with lots of drape. The top is the wildly popular Ogden Cami by True Bias. It is a super speedy sew and is a beautiful basic for all body types. I have plans for lots of them in my future, just as soon as I finish the other 256 projects waiting in line, lol. The pants are Vougue 9228 which are also easy and quick to make. It is an elastic waist pant with some interesting design details on the lower leg, and outlined pockets (POCKETS!).

The reason I love this outfit is ‘separates masquerading as a jumpsuit’, much easier to get in and out of. The simple design lines let the fabric be the star of the look. I just need a nice pair of jeans, me-made of course, and a neutral color top, maybe navy blue to match and I have four outfits right there.

DSC_0442-1BeFunky CollageBeFunky Collage1DSC_0422-1DSC_0470-1DSC_0486-1DSC_0474-120171213_230807BeFunky Collage2

I met a lovely lady at the theater and after she I told her the show was a treat for myself on my birthday and this was my first time in Vegas, she got really excited, grabbed my phone and took lots of pictures for me. She worked for the show and gave me the orange swim ring (lifesaver) as a souvenir which was a prop from the actual show! I was so overwhelmed and grateful I could hardly find words. This reinforces my belief that when you put out positive energy to the world it comes back to you.


I really enjoyed making these, and will recommend them to anyone looking for a quick gratifying project. I hope you enjoyed my little story for the day.

This February I am planning on making my first wool coat and will try to photograph and share my thought process as I go. I still have many other projects to share this month so that will come in March. Hopefully saying it here will keep me on the straight and narrow so I get it done, wish me luck.

As always, I hope you have a good week filled with lots of Peace Love  and Kisses!

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