About Me

Welcome to Fabrics of Color and thank YOU for reading the blog! I love crafts and the rewarding feeling it brings when I am able to create something beautiful. My primary love is sewing and making fashionable affordable clothing with bright colorful out-of-the box fabric. Fabrics of Color is a record of what I am making, a few tips on how to get creative and stylish and just have fun in general. I hope you get inspired and start to make something with me.

Peace, Love ♥ and Kisses!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have a student in my high school sewing class who wants to make Simplicity 1099, I saw yours on Sewing Pattern Review and it turned out beautifully. I wanted to ask you how true to size it runs based on your measurements. It seems like some of the patterns end up being way to large based on their measurements and others are right on. Just wanted some advice. Thanks!


    1. Hi, I had to go look at the pattern again to confirm. The simple answer is yes, if she follows the sizing printed on the pattern tissue paper and not what is on the back of the pattern envelope it should come out right. Hope this helped.


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